Noisy Toys Racing builds award winning motorcycle powered dragsters for Junior Comp, Pro or Super Pro racing. Each dragster is built to SFI specifcation 35.7 (Rear Engine Dragster 7.50 and slower) as required for NHRA and IHRA competition. Standard wheelbase is 174" but our chassis design is flexible allowing for a wheelbase from 168" to 188". Please specify wheelbase when ordering.

Dragsters can be ordered in any stage of completion from a basic frame for the do-it-yourselfer to a rolling chassis ready for your motor and electronics or even a complete turn-key dragster.
Basic Frame
TIG welded 4130 "chrome moly frame, rigid front suspension, tri-tube semi-rigid front half, SFI spec roll cage, back half with mounts for your motor, .125" aluminum blast shield mounted to the back of the roll cage, all brackets and tabs for other Noisy Toys Racing components.
Full Floating Adjustable Rear Axle Assembly
1-3/8" hollow 4130 "chrome moly" axle, wheel hubs with studs (5 x 4-3/4" bolt pattern), cnc machined billet aluminum axle brackets w/ dual ball bearings, shaft collars to lock hubs into axle brackets, sprocket hub, rod ends and chain adjusters.
Hand formed six piece .040" aluminum body w/ fiberglass nose, rolled botttom edges for body panel rigidity, bead rolled seams for better fit, smoked lexan windshield, Dzus buttons included.
Dual WIlwood rotors (11.44" x .35"), twin Wilwood Dynalite calipers w/ pads, rotor adapters and caliper hangers to mount to Noisy Toys Racing rear axle assembly, line lock, 2 psi residual pressure valve, stainless steel brake line with all fittings.
Foot Controls
Billet aluminum throttle and brake pedals mounted on an adjustable frame (12" adjustability), throttle linkage for dual throttle "push-pull" system found on most modern day motorcycle engines, WIlwood 5/8" bore brake master cylinder and linkage. Each system designed for easy clutch pedal upgrade.
Fiberglass seat, five point bolt-in safety harness (lever latch), .063" aluminum floor and firewall.
Front spindles, adjustable tie rods, rack & pinion steering box, two-piece adjustable steering column, butterfly steering wheel with quick release.
Wheels and Tires
Mickey Thompson 26" x 10" x 15" motorcycle slicks mounted and balanced on Noisy Toys ultra-light rear rims with billet center, solid light weight front rims (17" x 1.85) with front slicks.
Complete Rolling Chassis
Everything list above.
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